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How to get your health back fast...without drugs or surgery
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Is this you???
  • You have high blood sugar
  • You've been diagnosed with a terminal illness
  • You have chronic pain issues
  • You were recently in a car accident
  • You constantly tired
  • You're overweight
  • You just don't "feel" right and every time you go to your doctor, they just want to give you another medication
There's an answer...
Whenever I'm traveling to a new place I turn my GPS to guide me. Now there's 2 reasons why I do this:

1. So that I get to my destination without getting lost
2. To save time and money

These are the same 2 reasons people seek out help from our wellness center. They're tired of being "sick and tired" wasting time and money on remedies and treatments that didn't work for them. They want to get to their destination without taking the "scenic route." 

You need a health GPS to help you navigate the road back to health. 
How we can help you
  • DESTRESS your body - Stress wreaks havoc upon your system and blocks your body's natural ability to heal itself. We use things like chiropractic & soft tissue therapies, infrared saunas, mind-body techniques, color & sound therapies. 
  • YOUR optimal DIET - We help to determine what foods work with your body and which ones don't. We also will determine your nutritional deficiencies and excesses and then put together a supplement program that will fill in the holes. 
  • DETOXIFY your body - we live in a toxic world, toxins which impede upon the body's natural healing faculties. We focus on detoxification using ionic footbaths, infrared saunas, lymphatic drainage. 
  • Harmonize ALLERGENS - allergies and sensitivities may be the underlying cause for your health issue. We utilize energetic techniques such as TBM allergen harmonization technique to help the body to adapt to the allergens it's being exposed.
  • Eliminate PARASITES - parasites are ubiquitous! And they're causing damage to your digestive tract and creating toxins. We use low level laser, PEMF and herbal therapies to get rid of the parasites. 
  • State of the art Diagnostics & Treatments - the reason we get unique results is because we have unique diagnostic tools and treatments. 
Practice Member Success Stories

Cameron says:

After my playing days in professional baseball, i needed help recovering from the wear and tear that I sustained over the years. I needed a holistic approach to my healing and Dr. Mike has educated me and helped me get back to 100%. Dr. Mike has become our family physician. He has taken care of my wife and I for 4 years now. He also adjusted my son when he was 2 days old. We all continue to be in optimal health thanks to Dr. Mike.

Julie says:

I can't say enough about Dr. Mike! When western medicine couldn't figure out why I was feeling constantly getting sinus infections, he quickly got to the root of the problem. I felt better almost immediately & and have continued to improve my health with his guidance
How much will my treatment cost?
1 Million dollars...LOL...just kidding! Your treatment cost will be based upon what treatment program you'll fall into. Since we have no idea what's going on with you, how long it's been going on, and what we'll recommend, we can't just pinpoint a cost for you right now. So what we advise you to do is to fill out our consultation form and first we'll see how we can best help you. 
Do you guys accept insurance?
Insurance is awesome, but in this current day and age of high deductibles, most of our patients are self pay. So here's what we can do for you. First of all we're out of network with all insurances. Now, if you're in a car accident, we do handle personal injury cases. For our other patients who wish to use their insurance benefits we'll first verify your coverage (note: coverage verification doesn't necessarily mean that they'll actually reimburse). If we choose to take assignment (meaning that we will bill the insurance and they pay us directly), you will still be responsible for the balance. What most of our patients choose to do is to pay directly for their treatments and then we can provide superbills that you send in to your insurance provider and they will reimburse you directly.  
How long will my treatment program last?
This is all dependent upon what's going on with your body, how long it's been going on, severity, your age and current lifestyle. For minor injuries we typically see great results even on the first treatment! For chronic health issues it can take anywhere from 6 months to 2 years. 
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